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Future CEO - “Edgar”

Pioneer Square Labs

Pioneer Square Labs

Seattle, WA, USA
Posted on Friday, July 28, 2023

Future Founder - “Edgar”

Location: Seattle, WA or Remote

About Pioneer Square Labs:

Pioneer Square Labs (PSL) is a premier startup studio and early-stage venture capital fund focused on fostering the next generation of technology companies. PSL Studio collaborates with exceptional entrepreneurs to develop ideas from scratch, validate them, and build venture-scale companies. Over the past five years, PSL has successfully spun out nearly 30 businesses. We are continuously seeking extraordinary individuals to build with us.


Edgar, the software agent, is powering AI operations for all knowledge work, starting with Go-to-Market (GTM) operations. Edgar builds everyday skills (and learns on top of those skills) to execute repetitive tasks that take up 50% of knowledge workers' time. We are solving both the redundant task and workflow challenges as well as the copy-paste challenges between the many SaaS tools it takes to run an organization. Edgar automates you from your own words not built drag and drop workflows". We're seeking a CEO to lead Edgar's journey and shape its future.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Set Edgar's strategic direction, creating a vision for success.
  • Conduct customer validation, branding, and product MVP scoping within the studio.
  • Build and motivate a high-performance team.
  • Post-launch, focus on customer acquisition, fundraising, and team expansion.


Edgar's development has been underway for 8+ weeks, with code being written and Edgar, the software agent, being refined. We've engaged with 50+ potential customers, have a few design customers to build Edgar with, and have begun to validate the business and pricing model. We are excited about the limitless TAM of Edgar now having over 320+ skills in its skills bank and growing every day. As CEO, you'll leverage this momentum to drive Edgar's success.